Testimonial: How I Stopped Asthma from Ruining My Life!


Staying active can be almost impossible for many asthmatics, but Jen never let her condition slow her down. This workaholic asthmatic balances all her responsibilities just fine with the help of a balanced immune system!

Jennifer Ramos has quite a lot of roles, but considers being a professor as her main one. She’s been teaching at San Beda Mendiola for around 16 years and has also taken on numerous leadership roles, one of which is being president of the National Allergy Club. Outside of work, she finds time to immerse herself into different self-improvement activities such as badminton, Vinyansa yoga, and most recently, acrylic painting.

She also suffers from chronic asthma. But you wouldn’t think it, to look at her uber-busy lifestyle.

Working with Asthma

Jen has lived with her asthma all her life, which she got from her mother’s side. She used to suffer 5-8 asthma attacks each year and was often rushed to the hospital because of it.

“Our family lives near Makati Med so I’m the suki of the emergency room there. Noong teenager ako, uso disco noon. ‘Yong mga kaibigan ko, I see them nakakapag-disco, ako hindi. ER lang ng Makati Med at bahay namin.” She said.

She even recalls a time when she was confined in a sanitarium because of an asthma attack that coincided with her pneumonia.

There came a time when the simple act of climbing up the stairs to get to the classroom was extremely difficult for her. “Di ako makahinga, ‘di ako makaakyat. Third and fourth floor pa ‘ko and walang elevator dito. I remember I even bought an emergency oxygen tank. ‘Yon siguro ‘yung worst challenge na napaisip ako, ‘bakit ba ‘ko hirap’?”

Discovering Immunomax

In order to manage her condition better, she was given the option of immunotherapy which required her to visit the hospital every week. Given her many commitments, she just didn’t have the time. She wanted a more organic option that wouldn’t disrupt her already busy schedule.

Thankfully, she was introduced to Immunomax! After incorporating it into her routine of taking maintenance medication and eating a healthy diet, she noticed a huge difference. “Now, supposing I have an attack, ‘di siya nagtatagal. One day lang. Tapos wala nang emergency room! Ang kagandahan din noon, hindi na ako nagpa- immunotherapy.”

This improvement in her condition gave her more time to do her different activities, and allowed her to perform better at work. “Noon, ‘pag ganitong may sakit, uuwi na ‘ko. ‘Di ko na kayang mag-OT. ‘Yong mga tasks ko, hindi ko magawa. Pero kapag mas malakas ang immune system, hindi ako madaling magkasakit. ‘Yon ang napansin ‘ko.”

Even though she now has more time and energy to live an active lifestyle, Jen remains proactive in managing her health. She takes Immunomax even on ‘asthma-free’ days and regularly has checkups with her doctor at least once every 6 months. “Ako kasi, I value my health. Ang dami kong ginagawa kaya kung mahina ako, di ko kakayanin. Health is wealth, so we really have to invest in it.”

It’s never too late to turn your life around. Like Jen, you too can live a full, active life with the help of a balanced immune system!


(Jen uses Immunomax Forte 30mg capsule)

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