Brace Yourself, Flu Season is Coming

A powerful enemy is fast approaching. It’s making your coworkers call in sick, children miss school, and turning people everywhere into feverish, sniffling, coughing bed zombies.

But don’t be afraid. You have an army that’s willing to protect you—your immune system! Here’s what you need to do to fight the flu together and win this war:




Weed out the Bad

Drinking water flushes toxins in your body, helping give your immune cells enough oxygen to function well.




Rest and Recharge

Rebuild your immune cells with at least 7 hours of sleep every night.





Keep Moving

Facilitate blood flow and circulation through light exercise so your body can easily distribute immune cells to where your body needs it the most.




Stay Ahead of the Enemy

Flu viruses mutate and change every year, so while recovering from last year’s flu makes you immune to it, chances are the virus will have mutated enough to overcome your developed immunity when another flu season comes along. Flu vaccines help your body produce much needed antibodies that will combat the flu virus. Ask your doctor about it today.



Optimize Your Defenses

Immunomodulators are naturally-occurring substances that, when ingested, it enhances and helps optimize your body’s response to sickness. Immunomodulators don’t naturally occur in the body but can be found through other sources, such as supplements like Immunomax 10 mg Capsule, which is made of pure water-soluble CM-Glucan.

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