Asthma vs. Moms


If you think raising one kid is hard, try raising three asthmatic ones!

This is the life of Beng and Christine, 2 mothers who have learned that beating your kids’ asthma should start at an early age. Find out how they’ve mastered managing their kids’ condition with the help of Immunomax Syrup!

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Beng is a 42 year old medical secretary and mother of 3 boys—22 year old Paul Kenneth, 17 year old Prince Kennedy, and 6 year old Paul Klein. All of her kids have had asthma since birth, just like Beng herself.


(Beng with her kids, Paul, Prince, and Paulo and husband, Michael.)


Her two older boys used to get asthma attacks every month before reaching the age of 7 but eventually outgrew their condition after several years. Her youngest son’s asthma did not progress the same way as his brothers’ did. His asthma attacks lessened around the age of 2.


Christine is a 38 year old ESL teacher, also a mother of 3 boys—5 year old Upen, 4 year old Upesh, and 2 year old Upedh. Her eldest son was diagnosed with bronchial asthma around the age of 2.


There was a time her eldest son was hospitalized twice in the same month. This made Christine take a more proactive stance in treating her other two children. “As a mom siguro dahil matagal ka nang nag-aalaga ng anak mo, mafe-feel mo na rin siya eh. Makikita mo yung responses whether it’s similar or not. Hindi man sila diniagnose with the same condition, I treat it that way para hindi na siya lumala.” she said.

The Power of Immunomax


Christine relies heavily on vitamins in keeping her kids free from sickness and tries to keep them off medication as much as possible. “If kaya pa ng system niya, I just give them vitamins. Di muna ako nag-memedication kasi I want their immune system to be stronger.” she said.

That’s why when her eldest son started taking immunomax, she made her other two children take it as well. Her kids have been taking it for 3 years, with her youngest starting at 1 year old. “So far I can say it’s been okay. Wala pang naho-hospitalize sa kanila since 2014.”

Meanwhile, Beng applies what she learned from her two older children to treat her bunso. As soon as the symptoms start showing, she brings out the nebulizer. “Pinag-nebulizer sila eh. Tinuruan din ako ng pedia ko na once medyo sinisipon pa lang, paubo na, tsaka nahihirapan na siyang huminga ipanebulize na sila agad.” she said.

However, Beng noticed a huge difference when her youngest son started taking Immunomax around the age of 2. After incorporating this step into their treatment routine, her son had less frequent asthma attacks and recovered from sickness more quickly. From getting attacks once a month, it lessened to around once every 5 months. “After 1-2 months lang na nagsimula siyang uminom, doon nagstart mabawasan mga attacks niya. Kaya tawag ko diyan, Magic!”

Take it From the Asthma Fighters!

For moms going through the same situation, Beng encourages them to see the magic of Immunomax for themselves.

“Sana mag-ask sila tungkol sa Immunomax para maagapan. Marerecommend ko siya talaga. Kung meron lang sana noon pang nagrecommend sakin, edi sana mas mabilis din gumaling ‘yong dalawa kong anak.”

In the same way, Christine believes that it is one of the best investments you can make for your kids.

Although, I know Immunomax is pricey, I would always think, gagastos lang din naman ako, gagastusan ko na ‘to. Kasi mas maliit pa rin eh, kesa pag nahospital sila.

If you can invest on your children’s health, do it at an early age para ‘di ka na masyado gumastos ‘pag laki nila.”


(Christine’s children take Immunomax Syrup and Beng’s son takes Immunomax Forte Syrup)

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