The Asthma Friendly Gift Guide

Immunomax Gift Guide - ThumbailGetting a gift for someone with asthma involves a lot of careful thinking. Give them the wrong thing and you could accidentally trigger an asthma attack!

The best gifts to get are handy items that can help in managing their asthma symptoms.

Here are some fun gift ideas that any asthmatic would appreciate:

Immunomax Gift Guide-011. Battery-Operated Candles 

Scented candles are usually great gifts for home décor lovers, but smoke from the candles, sometimes even fragrance, can irritate the airways of someone with asthma. With smokeless candles, they can still set a relaxing mood for their room without breathing in harmful fumes.


Immunomax Gift Guide-02

2. Baby Cacti

These adorable indoor succulents are great gifts for your green-thumbed friends with or without asthma! Baby cacti are perfectly safe for asthmatics because 1) they make little to no airborne pollen, 2) they have no scent, and 3) you can keep them dust-free with just spritzes of water. Plus, they’re also known to improve indoor air quality by eliminating bacteria.


Immunomax Gift Guide-03

3. Pillow Covers & Sheets

Dust mites love hanging out in the bedroom—hiding mattresses, sheets, and even in pillows! Keep them away with a fresh set of sheets and pillow cases to help your friend get a peaceful night’s sleep. Steer clear of fuzzy fabrics and look for ones that are hypoallergenic.



Immunomax Gift Guide-044. Air Purifier 

Not only do air purifiers help with minimizing airborne irritants, they also help with eliminating odor. You can get a small one to spruce up your friend’s office desk or a large one to keep their living space clean and fresh.



Immunomax Gift Guide-055. Inhaler Pouch

If your friend uses an inhaler, a stylish pouch or case might be the perfect gift. It’ll keep their puffer clean and intact as they carry it around. Get one in their favorite color or customize it with fun designs to make it more special!



Immunomax Gift Guide-066. Immunomodulator

Asthma attacks may also be caused by an imbalanced immune system. Give them the gift of balance with Immunomax Forte made with 100% CM-Glucan! One capsule a day helps lessen the severity of asthma attacks and can help with faster recovery.

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