What is CM-Glucan Immunomodulator?

Everyday life is stressful, to say the least. These days, the “high cost of living” means not our daily financial upkeep but the toll everyday life takes on our health, particularly our immune system.

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Immunomodulation and Upper Respiratory Tract Infections

Respiratory infections are infections that affect the nostrils to the vocal cords and middle ear, and continue to the trachea up to the lungs.1 These infections are the leading causes of illness in the Philippines with acute respiratory infection as the topmost cause.

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Effects of Glucan on Respiratory Illness

It is every human’s instinct to protect its own. From the second you were born, you were cradled and protected by your mother. And as you grew, so did your immune system, your body’s natural defense.

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Glucan and immunomodulation: Helping the body heal itself

Several studies in the past few decades have been focused on immunomodulators, a group of naturally-occurring substances that have been found to regulate and modulate the body’s immune system.

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Balance is the Key to a Healthy Immune System

An imbalance in our immune response could lead to conditions including asthma, allergic rhinitis and URTIs (upper respiratory tract infections)

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The Hidden Cost of Respiratory Disease

Prevail over costly medical bills and disease with the help of immunomodulators

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Immunomax - your-body-is-a-castle
Your body is a castle

The army that defends it is your immune system. See for yourself how your immune system works

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Anti-Flu Kit

Fortify your child’s defenses with an immunomodulator like CM-Glucan

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Do Immunomodulators Help with the Common Cold?

Recurrent respiratory tract infections (RRTIs) affect approximately 6% of children younger than 6 years of age. Respiratory allergy, gastrooesophageal reflux or ENT focal infections (e.g. adenoid hypertrophy) are the most important causes of RRTIs.

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Child bite the nose
Hum-Bug! Avoid colds or other upper respiratory tract infection this season.

The holidays are just over the horizon! But along with the promise of upcoming festivities are other less jolly things, like holiday stress, increased traffic and pollution, and increased allergens.

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Inside your body: What happens when you take ImmunoMax?

When ImmunoMax is absorbed by your body, it encourages your immune cells to talk more to each other. This creates the balance needed in your immune system to keep you free from sickness.

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Child bite the nose
Brace yourself, flu season is coming

The trick to surviving the flu season is to keep your immune system healthy. Find out what kind of diet, lifestyle, and medical practices you need to do in order to be sniffle-free this season.

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