Tips for a balanced immune system

Our complex immune system is our body’s natural defender against harmful microorganisms like viruses and bacteria, helping stave off the little infections that could easily blow up into something bigger.

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What’s in a sneeze?

Want to know how you can beat the sneeze?

Learn more about the causes of sneezing and how you can reduce its effects with immunomodulation.

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Immunomax - Asthmatics
7 Useful Tips for Asthmatics

Living with asthma can be quite challenging. From temperature shifts through summer to the rainy season and into the cold December/January months, attacks can be triggered.

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Immunomax - Secret Ingredient to a healthy Immune System
What is the secret behind ImmunoMax?

Drugstore shelves, household medicine cabinets and refrigerators are filled with any and all manner of medications. Easily available over-the-counter or prescribed by a trusted pediatrician, they are our reliable go-to partners in to stave off the many bouts of sickness that abound in virus-friendly weather conditions.

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5 things to survive this allergy season

When allergens are more prevalent, equip yourself and your environment with these five things that keep allergens out and create a balanced immune system within.

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What happens to your body during asthma attacks?

When you have asthma, muscles surrounding the airways tighten as allergens and other foreign bodies…

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Allergic rhinitis and an overactive immunity

When your immune system is imbalanced, it can get overactive to allergens, causing an attack. How do you avoid this?

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What is CM-Glucan Immunomodulator?

Everyday life is stressful, to say the least. These days, the “high cost of living” means not our daily financial upkeep but the toll everyday life takes on our health, particularly our immune system.

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Immunomodulation and Upper Respiratory Tract Infections

Respiratory infections are infections that affect the nostrils to the vocal cords and middle ear, and continue to the trachea up to the lungs.1 These infections are the leading causes of illness in the Philippines with acute respiratory infection as the topmost cause.

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Effects of Glucan on Respiratory Illness

It is every human’s instinct to protect its own. From the second you were born, you were cradled and protected by your mother. And as you grew, so did your immune system, your body’s natural defense.

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Glucan and immunomodulation: Helping the body heal itself

Several studies in the past few decades have been focused on immunomodulators, a group of naturally-occurring substances that have been found to regulate and modulate the body’s immune system.

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Balance is the Key to a Healthy Immune System

An imbalance in our immune response could lead to conditions including asthma, allergic rhinitis and URTIs (upper respiratory tract infections)

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