7 Useful Tips for Asthmatics

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Living with asthma can be quite challenging. From temperature shifts through summer to the rainy season and into the cold December/January months, attacks can be triggered. The constant presence of dust, heat and pollutants can also lead to airways being constricted and life becoming a bit unpleasant than it should.

So how can an asthmatic navigate through these daily stimulants that can over-activate the immune system and aggravate the symptoms of asthma?

1. But things don’t have to be as bad as they seem. With the following look-outs you can prepare yourself help steer clear of your asthma symptoms.

2. Keep your home and workplace clean Dust mites are the leading indoor allergic trigger. Clean out your rooms and beddings to avoid accumulation of dust. Avoid fluffy items, such as stuffed animals, that attract dust mites.

3. Stop smoking or avoid secondhand smoke If you smoke, stop right now! If not, just avoid places such as bars or restaurants where people do. Stay clear of strong perfume as well.

4. Get some exercise The emphasis is on some exercise, since a lot of exercise can also be a trigger. Light to moderate exercise is recommended, although always keep your inhaler handy, if you have one, or stop immediately at the sign of any breathing difficulty.

5. Sleep A good night’s rest aids immune function as well as metabolic control and good brain and body health. Since a lot of asthma symptoms occur at night, it is important that you get as much sleep as you can, whenever you can.

6. Eat right Eating the right food helps keep your weight down, because obesity is associated with severe asthma. Plus, certain foods can trigger allergies, which can also trigger asthma symptoms.

7. Know your triggers Whether it’s cats or dogs, dust or heat, knowing what brings on the symptoms are means you can readily avoid them if you need to. You can also find out other triggers by taking note of what you were doing before the symptoms occured.

8. Keep your immune system balanced An imbalance in your immune system can make you even more susceptible to asthma attacks and worsen the severity and duration of asthmatic episodes. Taking immunomodulators like ImmunoMax with pure CM-glucan, can help regulate the immune response.


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